Astro Science

The value of Astrology transcends mundane concerns and is a priceless treasure for all mankind to share. Astrology can reveal one’s life purpose, one’s ascension path, and provide tremendous clarity on all matters of love, family, health, career, finance, education, experience, and of course, spirit.

It offers solutions to life’s most difficult, seemingly hopeless challenges as well as revealing pathways to manifest abundance and success at spectacular levels. It empowers individuals by helping them understand their inherent strengths and potentials that they may embrace and develop them with vigor.

Unlike anything else, it imbibes clarity, purpose, hope, and optimism for the spiritual seekers of the world that their lives become illuminated and that they may become a vibrant, unique, yet integral part of the human family. There is nothing hidden under the heavens and nothing that one can’t understand through the luminous lens of Astrology.

For hiring personnel, corporate companies can take the help of astro science to analyze and assess the viability of hiring personnel by learning the true traits of the personnel.

Astrology is closely related to planets and stars. We can consider the whole Universe as a system just like the human body; for example when a person’s part of the body is injured, the whole body will feel the agony but the body parts nearer to the injured part will feel the most. In the similar way the things happening in the world will have an effect on the whole universe, with the effect firmer at its nearest in surroundings. All the transformation of energy from one form to another will undergo a certain process and to this law not even the incarnations of the lord are an exception.

Astrology the Harmonizer

According to Indian or Vedic astrology, our lives are guided by various planets and all the nine planets must be propitiated to bring fortune and prosperity. Astrology for peace and harmony involves forecasting about the factors leading to distrust, sorrow and distress in the surrounding environment. It also puts forwards the root causes for the lack of happiness and peace and suggests the remedies for the same. Holistic astrology focuses on one’s psychological processes and stages of self-development, rather than on the outer more superficial changes and events that are never-ending in our lives. In this way, a holistic reading of one’s natal horoscope can provide guidance and support for meaningful personal transformation.

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is a medical remedy given after Astro diagnosing to reduce the ill effects of planets on the human body. In this the whole body is divided in twelve zodiacal signs & there are various points which are stimulated through therapy. This astro therapy is used on the patients on the basis of planetary transitory movement on the stars. Up to date successful treatment has been carried out on a number of patients having various ailments i.e. Epilepsy, Asthma, Paralysis, Thyroid, Polio, Spondylitis, Joints & Knee joints pain, Blood sugar, Depression, Hypertension, Migraine, High & low Blood pressure & others.


Financial astrology (also known as business astrology, economic astrology, and/or astro-economics) is the practice of relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets. Financial astrology is sometimes applied in the following ways:
Predicting major economic trends as they relate to certain cycles, specifically on the cycles of outer planets.
Helping an investor find the best industry to be in for a particular period of time based on major planetary configurations.
Identifying the best stocks to own during a particular time period.
Identifying the best date and time to buy or sell a stock. Correlating the Astrological aspect to the movement of stock market in day trading.

Astrology for Career:

The planets in your horoscope, or birth chart, indicate the type of education and profession that could suit you best. It can also highlight and reveal the periods best suitable for your education.

“Vocational astrology,” is a field of astrology which assesses your personality traits and needs. It takes into account your productive resources and capabilities, and also your talents.

Besides, it evaluates the paths you have taken so far, what type of work you do, or find rewarding.

Astrology for Marriage Compatibility

Your relationships are based on all the planets, signs, and houses in your birth chart. It is also based on how they interact with all the planets, signs, and houses, in other people’s charts.

“Relationship astrology” is a part of astrology which analyses just how compatible you are with someone else. It takes into account varied aspects between two people and also the type of relationship it is going to be, or not be.


Mostly everybody is curious about his future. People normally wonder about the phenomenon of future aspects. Future has been a mystery for most of the people. It is a very interesting ambiguity that many people want to unlock but they are not able to do that. Horoscope has great importance in the life of human beings which gives many predictions about the incidents on the basis of the positions of the planets. It describes all future incidents and activities depending on the location of their zodiac signs. There are twelve zodiac signs that govern and manage your daily routine work (and take most appropriate steps to maintain future planning)?

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