I Ching and Astrology share a brother and sister like relationship, as both require observation of planets. It’s a science of calculation, of analysis and thereafter answering any question asked by others.
In this method of knowing the future, date of birth and other details are not required. All you require is a wrist watch. It’s the simplest method to answer your desirable queries about the future instantly in the absence of a horoscope that requires DOB & time of birth.
When a question is asked or you want to answer any question the correct time as per I Ching rules is recorded by the I Ching Master in his specially attuned wrist watch. Some calculations are done and in just 30 seconds you are provided with the right answer.
I Ching gives accurate answers to specific and only one question at one time. After 2 to 5 minutes, you can put another query. Even remedies.can be suggested. Whenever you are feeling confused the I CHING Master can guide you.

Learn I CHING at Aushadhhi

Be your own I Ching master, your own guide. By Learning this science you can answer your own questions or queries of others. You can go through our website and visit our clinic ‘Aushadhhi’ to learn this science. We teach this science in seminars also. I Ching gives a 100 percent accurate answer.
You need to learn how to watch time for accurate calculation. You will need to wear that watch all the time, as it would be attuned with your pulse. Post repair, the watch should be attuned again.

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