Vedic (Mantra) Therapy

Mantra Therapy is the positive practice of concentration on a particular sound. ‘Mana’ means the mind and ‘Tra’ means vibration. Any sound or word that creates positive vibrations in mind is called a Mantra. Sound is a form of energy made up of vibrations or wavelengths. Certain wavelengths have the power to heal while others are capable of shattering a glass. Repetition of Mantras in meditation will bring individuals to a higher state of consciousness.

Mantras work directly upon our karma: the accumulated latencies and tendencies with which we are born. The vibrations of these ancient formulas work through the chakras to increase the flow of beneficial energy throughout the subtle body where these latencies and tendencies are stored.

Even when the disease is incurable, the patient experiences great relief by chanting a Mantra. Many others have developed great will power and have been able to quit their bad habits.

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