The word ‘Astrology’ is derived from two Greek words: Astra, which means a star, and Logos, which means logic or reason. Astrology signifies the doctrine and law as depicted by the stars or planets. It is the study of the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence us.

The planetary movements not only have their impact on us, but we are also affected by the planetary movements of the people whom we deal regularly with, be it our parents, spouse, kids, relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses, acquaintances, etc. And these people are also affected by astrology as much as we are.

  • A birth chart reveals our potential and what we can aim for.
  • The symbols in a birth chart have to be decoded.
  • All the viewpoints in the whole chart are connected with the planetary movements of the present time.

It’s a system of belief and faith. When you are having the toughest part of your life and losing hope then what would you do? You’d think of every possible thing that you can do to line up the fallen apart. Now here comes Astrology, It tells you how the positioning of the celestial bodies affects your life happenings. When you wake up in the morning and have a blissful mood but suddenly you realise that things haven’t been going good so far and you are clueless that why the contentment is missing from your life then you read your horoscope and try to acknowledge the importance of the nature and the universe and that you are a part of it and thus any change in the universe is going to affect you anyhow. 

We all want happiness for ourselves and for the people whom we love and astrology helps us to understand how we can have that desired happiness in our life for which we have been longing for. It can never make things any worse because it just advises you how you can change a few patterns to have things more smoothly and it doesn’t spoon feed you with any success or happiness.


Dr. Rakesh Khera is an Astro Scientist, a Reiki Super Grandmaster (with specialization in Distance Reiki healing), an accomplished Gem therapist, an I Ching expert at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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