The new face of Network Marketing post 2020 – Big growth is expected in your online share if you are marketing online. Online training, online presentations will increase like crazy, will grow exponentially; new technology, new tools will emerge for online training.

The mindshift is very very clear now.If you don’t have plenty of money or time then which is that business model that is proven, durable, logical and legal and gives you an opportunity to create a second source of Income?  Network Marketing / Entrepreneurship.

Now people across the globe are being laid off; companies adversely affected, in the hospitality sector, in services sector; salaries are being slashed down. People have understood – keeping a Reserve Fund is not an OPTION now but compulsory.

What is Wealth? The definition that emerges now is, “How many days can you survive if your current income stops”? 

How many days will you be able to maintain the same lifestyle?

If you don’t want to disturb your old source of income yet you wish to earn big money what is the option? Source? It’s Network Marketing / Entrepreneurship.

Now people have started understanding the need to build a business with Zero Setup Cost. If you are searching for a Zero Setup Cost business, Network Marketing perfectly fits here.

New style of working will emerge from prospecting to presentations, seminars and events. All will start happening online.. Social media will become an important compulsion. Companies and teams will have to move faster to adapt to these new practices.

A new tribe of Network Marketing leaders will emerge who will create new rules leaving behind the old model. 

Are you one of them? 

Are you ready?

Corona has been the catalyst of bringing about a massive technological shift in the way Network Marketing has been done.

Some qualities of new leaders will be:

  1. Adopt new technology and systems of working faster
  2. Work beyond geographical boundaries
  3. Reskill themselves, reorient their mindsets faster
  4. Build their brand
  5. Enhance their online presence because now you will compete not locally but with global leaders of the global village.

The game will change totally because CHANGE IS NOT AN OPTION, NOW CHANGE IS MANDATORY.

Attribution: video

Contribution: Girish Mehta

Girish Mehta is a Mentor and Guide for Entrepreneurial Success, Life Skills and Spiritual Quest, a Reiki grandmaster, Bach Flower Specialist and an I-Ching expert, at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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