After discussing with a lot of people and the analysis that has resulted, one thing is very clear that once hit by CoronaVirus in 2020, life will not be the same again. The world will not be the same. When you go out to work, the situation will not be the same. Due to this lockdown some people are frustrated, they feel everything is over while there is a glint in some eyes. 

Entrepreneurs / Network Marketers feel now the real game will start with unlimited possibilities, opportunities. Many of you still don’t believe that what’s going to happen, was it really a possibility? Corona could make this happen, many of us still wonder. For some Corona put the boundaries on while it has dissolved all boundaries for others.

Let’s see 3 major trends of future for Entrepreneurs / Network Marketers:

  1. Why will the Entrepreneurship / Network Marketing Industry grow faster after the lockdown?
  2. What kind of face of Entrepreneurship / Network Marketing can we expect in 2020-21?
  3. Which category of Entrepreneurs will be the Top Earners beyond 2020?

I strongly believe that the Network Marketing business will boom post lockdown and the reason is that Corona Lockdown has made Major mindshifts in people. Corona has embedded some realizations in the minds of millions of people that Entrepreneurs failed in spite of their best efforts since last few years.

Four important things people have accepted now:

#1 – People have realized the importance of having a second source of income.

With thousands of jobs in danger; innumerable businesses on the brink of closing down; people have finally accepted what the Network Marketers / Entrepreneurs have been insisting since a decade – you must create a second source of income.

The 2nd source of income should not be at the cost of your existing job / business and time needed to save and maintain it. 

#2 – People have understood the importance of building Immunity and having Health Supplements.

Many Network Marketing companies offer health supplements. Now you don’t have to be told about Immunity or health supplements, this is being talked about everywhere. 

#3. People have realized the importance of having Reserve Funds for contingency. Time never remains the same and you must save for bad times such as what the world is witnessing now with Coronavirus. You should have a fund, some money saved. How will you manage if something goes wrong? 

#4. People have realised that they need to build a business that doesn’t need set up costs – office staff and recurring expenses to maintain it.

Many people wanted to be an Entrepreneur, many want to be today also, some with current jobs others after leaving full time jobs want to adopt Entrepreneurship as a full time career. 

With these 4 mindshifts, with these 4 realizations, I can confidently say that Entrepreneurship / Networking Marketing will grow faster than our estimation. Projection of 2025 is likely to be met in 2021 itself.

Attribution: youtube.com/deepakbajaj video

Contribution: Girish Mehta

Girish Mehta is a Mentor and Guide for Entrepreneurial Success, Life Skills and Spiritual Quest, a Reiki grandmaster, Bach Flower Specialist and an I-Ching expert, at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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