Join the tip of the thumb with the tip of the Index finger and keep the other three fingers straight preferably sitting in padmasana (Lotus Pose) or sitting cross legged comfortably.Keep the back of your hand on the knee.

This Mudra is the preeminent Mudra of Mudra Science. It is most widely practiced and most celebrated Mudra,practiced very often by our ancient saints and seers in their meditation. Lord Krishna gave a sermon to Arjuna (Gita)in this Mudra. Lord Buddha,Mahavira,all Rishis and Munis,and even present day Yogis do this Mudra very often. It is a meditational Mudra,but has got immense physical benefits also. This Mudra symbolises the union of Mind and Brain. Index finger represents Mind & Thumb represents Brain.

*It removes negativity of mind and promotes positivity.

*It relieves all stress-related diseases such as Hypertension,Heart Disease,Arterio-Sclerosis,Depression,Anxiety 

*It removes irritability,madness and epilepsy also.

*It cures toothache due to Pyorrhoea, do Shunya Mudra.

It reduces weight also.

*This Mudra opens the third eye,and improves INTUITION.

*For curing heart problems and achieving success in life,this Mudra is extremely useful.

*It’s practice can lead to de-addiction also;removing addiction to alcohol,smoking,bad habits.

*Just as PITUITARY GLAND is the master gland of the body,Gyan Mudra is the Master Mudra.


Dr. Rajiv Grover specializes in Acupressure(Mastery in Head Points), Marma Chikitsa, Naturopathy, Medical Yoga and Meditation. He is a Consultant at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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