Any wellness fan who knows their rose quartz healing crystals from their turmeric lattes will be well-versed in the art of reiki. For the uninitiated though, the spiritual practice can seem a little new-age.

Many A-list celebs like Halle Berry, Ellen DeGeneres and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to have turned to reiki healing in recent years, and with a general curiosity shift towards natural and alternative medicine, it’s a wellness trend that’s on the rise.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a type of therapy which proponents believe can channel the energy that courses through your body in order to heal it.

The practice is believed to have originated in Japan, where it was founded by Tendai Buddhist Mikao Usui. In fact, the word ‘reiki’ itself comes from the Japanese words ‘rei’ (which means universal) and ‘ki’ (life energy).

“During a session, the reiki practitioner places the palm of their hands gently over different parts of the body,” says reiki healer Leah Larwood (, who adds that during lockdown, many people have been learning reiki as a form of self-treatment, while social distancing measures are in place.

“Moving their hands from the crown of the head slowly down to the feet, the aim is to stop at the seven different chakra positions to unblock any energy flows.”

Larwood says reiki uses a very light touch and you’re fully clothed the whole time, often with a blanket over you. Crucially, there is no massage or extended physical touch involved.

While the practitioner holds their hands lightly on or over the body, the transfer of energy takes place. Similarly to acupuncture and acupressure, the practice is all about freeing up the movement of energy in the body.

“It leaves you with an incredibly refreshing and grounding feeling, which can linger for days,” says Larwood, who adds that some people will feel sensations – such as heat or tingles – during the practice.

In reiki, people believe that energy can stagnate in the body after physical or emotional trauma, such as grief or a major operation. According to masters of the treatments, this stagnant energy can turn into blockages, which can potentially cause illness.

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Contribution:U. N. SHARMA

U N Sharma is a Reiki Grandmaster and a Consultant at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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