There are 7 chakras in our body. Every chakra is connected with glands. Here is some details about the chakras, glands and their colour: –

Crown Chakra (Pineal gland)

Colour is Dark violet. It is the opening to the universe to the highest consciousness and gives experience about who you are. Connects us with spiritual self. Connected with the upper brain & right eye.

Third Eye (Pituitary gland)

Colour Dark blue. It is the intuition centre and is for inner wisdom. Connected with Autonomic nervous system and hypothalamus

Throat Chakra (Thyroid)

Colour Light blue.Connected to throat & lungs. Function is communication and self expression

Heart Chakra (Thymus gland)

Colour Bright light green. Connected to heart, lungs, liver & circulatory system. Function is love & compassion.

Solar Plexus (Adrenal Gland)

Colour Bright yellow. Connected to stomach, liver & gallbladder. Function is Power & Wisdom. This is the seat of all emotions and feelings. We draw feelings from Solar Plexus and feel at heart.

Hara/Sacral Chakra (Gonads, testicals & ovary)

Colour Orange. Connected to reproductive organs. This is the centre of sexual energy, feelings & emotions. Function-Life Centre, create and protect (purpose) life.

Root Chakra (Supra renal)

Colour Red. Connected to kidneys, bladder and spine. Function-survival issues. Seat of Kundalini energy, creative expression & abundance issues.


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