Balance or Equilibrium is an important Divine rule in Universe everywhere,in every sphere.There is balance in Nature,between Earth and Water,between Air and Space,between Heat and Cold.If this balance is upset,it will lead to ECOLOGICAL IMBALANCE and will spell disaster for mankind. 

That is why the whole world is now worried over GLOBAL WARMING.In our life,in all fields,political,social,religious,personal,there has to be a balance.Any imbalance leads to friction,tension,conflict. We are all afraid of IMBALANCE.That is why we talk of Balance all the time-balanced food,balanced life-style,balanced social behavior.The individual,the society,the universe-all rest on balance.

Our whole Universe including plants,animals,human beings,is made up of five elements; namely Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space.They co-exist in a fixed proportion.However,every now and then ,this balance is being continuously upset due to a variety of factors,and whenever this happens,counter forces set in to bring back balance.Such is the Law of Nature-a constant struggle to keep the balance.

The Science of Mudras provides the safeSt and the most convenient,easy-to-do hand Mudras,both for prevention as well as for the healing of diseases.With five fingers of our hands,we can magically affect the body’s metabolism and that too without spending a single penny or even a single extra minute.

MUDRA CHIKTSA is a unique and simple technique to keep  all our Five Elements in balance.


Dr. Rajiv Grover specializes in Acupressure(Mastery in Head Points), Marma Chikitsa, Naturopathy, Medical Yoga and Meditation. He is a Consultant at Aushadhhi, Paramhans Prakashwati Mehta Institute of Holistic Healing and Research, a pioneer institute in Alternative Healing Therapies.


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